Nicolle's Boudoir Experience

Why did you book a boudoir session? Because Cassie always makes me feel beautiful when I’ve lost sight of it. I’ve noticed for awhile now that battling infertility and slight depression really makes you feel ugly and ashamed of your body. But when I’m in her studio I feel like a whole new woman from the moment I walk in that door! You can be told by numerous people all your life how beautiful you are but it’s when you see yourself the way she captures you in pictures that you truly see for yourself just how much truthfulness your loved ones tell you!

What did you hope to gain from it? I wanted to regain confidence in my self, feel beautiful, and regain hope in my life.

How did you feel before the session? It had been awhile since my last session, and within that time I had fallen back into a slight slump, it wasn’t as bad as it usually is but it was enough to get my butt back in the studio! Fast forward to the day of, as soon as I walked into the door I was ready to rock it.

How did you feel during the session? I felt comfortable, confident, sexy and didn’t hold back even the slightest. Cassie makes it so easy to feel comfortable with her funny personality, and how real she is.

How did you feel after your session? I felt reborn, confident, sexy, empowered, strong and ready to battle anything that tried to stand in my way.

Why did you choose Jara Hearts Studio? It’s all about the personal connection. Cassie makes it enjoyable, personal, beautiful and all around real. She isn’t in any way fake or judgemental. Her work is very captivating and you can see the passion she puts into her work. The love she has for her business and clients is beautiful, to her clients are more like family and friends which makes it easy to love her!