Gabrianna's Boudoir Experience

Why did you book a boudoir session? I booked a boudoir shoot because I always wanted to do one

What did you hope to gain from it? I hoped to gain some more inner beauty from it and my self esteem.

How did you feel before the session? Before the shoot, I was nervous and excited at the same time. When I finally got to meet Cassie, she got rid of all the nerves! I was nothing but excited for my shoot.

How did you feel during the session?During the shoot, I felt nothing but positive vibes! I felt sexy. I felt beautiful. I felt calm and great in my own skin. I love all the positions we done for the shoot and I felt absolutely amazing while doing it.

How did you feel after your session? I felt very confident and excited to see the photos! When I seen those photos!!! Oh, I was blown away! I looked gorgeous and sexy!!! I loved them all!!!

Why did you choose Jara Hearts Studio? I googled Jara Hearts Studio at first and see the reviews. I seen how happy others were with the outcome and I decided to take a chance. Which, I chose right.

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Nicolle's Boudoir Experience

Why did you book a boudoir session? Because Cassie always makes me feel beautiful when I’ve lost sight of it. I’ve noticed for awhile now that battling infertility and slight depression really makes you feel ugly and ashamed of your body. But when I’m in her studio I feel like a whole new woman from the moment I walk in that door! You can be told by numerous people all your life how beautiful you are but it’s when you see yourself the way she captures you in pictures that you truly see for yourself just how much truthfulness your loved ones tell you!

What did you hope to gain from it? I wanted to regain confidence in my self, feel beautiful, and regain hope in my life.

How did you feel before the session? It had been awhile since my last session, and within that time I had fallen back into a slight slump, it wasn’t as bad as it usually is but it was enough to get my butt back in the studio! Fast forward to the day of, as soon as I walked into the door I was ready to rock it.

How did you feel during the session? I felt comfortable, confident, sexy and didn’t hold back even the slightest. Cassie makes it so easy to feel comfortable with her funny personality, and how real she is.

How did you feel after your session? I felt reborn, confident, sexy, empowered, strong and ready to battle anything that tried to stand in my way.

Why did you choose Jara Hearts Studio? It’s all about the personal connection. Cassie makes it enjoyable, personal, beautiful and all around real. She isn’t in any way fake or judgemental. Her work is very captivating and you can see the passion she puts into her work. The love she has for her business and clients is beautiful, to her clients are more like family and friends which makes it easy to love her!


Rachel's Boudoir Experience

Why did you book a boudoir session?

To bring out and embrace my femininity!

What did you hope to gain from it?

More confidence in myself!!

How did you feel before the session?

How did you feel during the session?

Empowered, fierce, confident

How did you feel after your session?

Strong, beautiful, sexy, flattering

Why did you choose Jara Hearts Studio?

She was highly recommended and is a beautiful person inside and out! She’s takes gorgeous photographs!

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Imelda's Boudoir Experience

Why did you book a boudoir session?
After I seen the photos from my sister’s boudoir photo session I immediately wanted to do my own.

What did you hope to gain from it?
I was hoping to look and feel sexy. I also imagined my self looking at these pictures in my 80’s.

How did you feel before the session
I felt nervous before my first session but Cassie made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

How did you feel during the session
I felt very comfortable during my session. It was a ton of fun!!!

How did you feel after your session
I felt super amazing after my session I couldn’t wait to see the results.

Why did you choose Jara Hearts Studio

I have seen Cassie’s work and that is why I choose her.

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Hannah's Boudoir Experience

Why did you book a boudoir session?

Initially it was for a gift for my husband, but the more I thought about it and the closer the session date came I realized it was for me. After going thru a period of hating my body during infertility and since having my second son, I've been trying to find a way to love my body and feel confidence in myself again.

What did you hope to gain from it?

A sense of fuck yeah about myself, love for my body for all its marks and curves for what my body gave me.

How did you feel before the session?

I felt really nervous because I'm always so conscious of my body and how it looks in pictures I've taken at home.

How did you feel during the session?

I felt really at ease, cassie and I have known each other for years and I knew I was in good hands. I pretty much followed Cassie's instructions and hoped I didnt fuck it up lol

How did you feel after your session?

As I left my session, i felt this rush of confidence and i was so excited to see how they turned out.

Why did you choose Jara Hearts Studio?

I chose Jara Hearts Studio because i knew Cassie and I've seen her work and her post all about body confidence and empowering women and I needed that.


Michelle's Boudoir Experience

Why did you book a boudoir session? I talked it over with Nichole after having pretty much decided on doing it for his birthday then his went with it

What did you hope to gain from it? Something beautiful but I ended up with so much more.. Friends.. trust.. self confidence.. love.. empowerment

How did you feel before the session? really nervpus.. nauseus

How did you feel during the session? I felt my self become more confident... I felt beautiful when I looked at the pictures.. sometimes awkward.. very tested..

How did you feel after your sessions exhausted? sore... confident

Why did you choose Jara Hearts Studio? Because Cassie is a BADASS!!!!!



Beach Boudoir 2019 was seriously one for the books!

If you all know me, then you know I’ll take ANY excuse to go to the beach! So I thought, why not combine my two favorite things! And BAM we made MAGIC! Each client met me in Fort Bragg, CA for an amazing morning of sessions! It was so beautiful not even the camera did it justice! We shot during the golden hours of the morning and it was perfect! Each client was gifted their client goodie bags but were in beach theme! They also received an exclusive Jara Hearts Studio Beach Boudoir 2019 T-Shirt! The weather was perfect in the morning time and we had a portable dressing room that was perfect for outfit changes. Ok ok.. enough talking are you ready to see the beautiful images?!


I shot my first boudoir session in 2016, I had just had a baby four months prior and I did NOT feel beautiful let alone sexy! So, I figured I cannot be the only woman going through this! And I wasn’t. I shot three different women that day, all in different lifestyles and stages in their life. The common underling factor was that they all wanted to feel beautiful. I know it sounds cliche but my life completely changed! I quit shooting families, newborns, etc. Seeing how I can change the way three women felt about themselves was the ultimate gift! I was HOOKED!

Flashback to the now…

I have learned so much in the past three years from being a Boudoir Photographer and I am beyond grateful that I found my niche and can help the everyday woman feel beautiful! One of the biggest things I learned was that Boudoir isn’t for the man. Excuses can be made like to justify a session like, “oh it is a gift”, but lets be real. Men do not get the same thing that women do from a boudoir session. They do not get the confidence boost, they do not feel beautiful in their own skin, they do not get the emotional healing that it provides. WE DO! We are becoming the powerful Queens we naturally were! Women lose ourselves in our day to day lives. We are a mother, sister, daughter, wife, etc. but we fail to celebrate ourselves as a WOMAN! Boudoir gives us that chance! Now I am speaking from experience, I have had MY boudoir images taken and I have felt strong, beautiful, sexy, and happy.

We focus on providing every woman who walks through that door a chance to celebrate themselves as the WOMAN they are. Drink a mimosa while getting your hair and make up done; then relax and have fun as you get your picture taken! Think of it as an amazing spa day mixed with therapy! You’ll leave feeling refreshed and ready for anything!


Hair and Make up?! DUH!

Hair and Make up for your session is very important, this only adds to your experience. Here is a little bit of information on our resident hair and make up artist Christina!

hair and make up

Hi my name is Christina Harvey, I am a wife and mother to a beautiful teenager. I have always wanted to be a hairstylist, I grew up not loving how I looked and decided that I would do everything in my power to make people feel beautiful about themselves. I have been a certified makeup artist for almost 5 years and I have been a licensed cosmetologist for 2 years now. I have done makeup for photo shoots, weddings, bridal showcases. I opened up a salon suite with a good friend of mine in Rocklin in February and I couldn't be happier. I look forward to glamming all you beautiful ladies on your photoshoot day!!

Christina is the co owner of Theuntamedwoman salon, located at 2340 sunset Blvd suite 11 Rocklin. For bookings please contact her at 916-544-8441.


Please join me in welcoming our new Hair and Make up artist Christina! I am so grateful for your support in what I do and I am beyond amazed at your work! NOW, EVERY session will get the overall Boudoir experience complete with their own glam!

My top 5 places to shop for lingerie in the Yuba-Sutter Area:$35 and under

So you have a boudoir session coming up and you’re at loss of where to go get some cute lingerie…But you’re also ballin on a budget… No problem!

We’ve all had that problem, here is my top 5 places within the Yuba City and Marysville that I go shopping for my client closet.

Yuba City:

  1. Backroom Boutique, 1161 Bridge St, Yuba City, CA 95991.

    Backroom Boutique is an open floor plan full of all things adult novelties you could imagine. They have a large selection of quality lingerie and even have a rack of lingerie from $10-25, with another rack of additional lingerie up to 25% off. They are extremely helpful and knowledgeable so if you need any help just ask!


2. Target, 1153 Butte House Rd, Yuba city, CA 95901.

Now I know what you are thinking and yes Target. Target will surprise you. It has a selection of bra and bralette pieces and even some body suits and Teddy’s.

Yuba City

3. Spencers, Located within the Yuba Sutter Mall, 1215 Colusa Ave, Yuba City, CA 95991.

Spencers has a few items as well, all their lingerie is located in the very back. There is the basic selection that you would find any other place.

plus size
bridal lingerie

4. Ross, in the Yuba Sutter mall,1299 Colusa Ave, Yuba City, CA 95991.

Ross is another go to for me. They have quite a lot of different fun crop tops, sheer items, and a selection of nighties and a huge selection of bra and panty sets. I don’t go into Ross looking for one particular item because very rarely do they have it. Their selection of intimates is all over the place.


  1. Famously Naughty, 414 E St, Suite A, Marysville, CA 95901

Famously Naughty has an open floor plan stocked to the rim of all adult products you could image available. They have all sizes available and if the size you want isn’t in store they have it online. Another thing I really like about Famously Naughty is how personable your shopping experience is, and the fact that you accumulate rewards points for every purchase. You can find their $35 and under section linning the walls once you first walk in.

famously naughty

3 Things to prepare you for your Boudoir Session at Jara Hearts Studio

There are three important things YOU need to know for your upcoming Boudoir session at Jara Hearts Studio.

First: Wear something you feel comfortable yet sexy and  bring options!

Sometimes the sexiest thing you can wear is your confidence; having something YOU feel amazing in helps how relaxed you'll feel during your session. These sessions are typically done to celebrate YOU and your beauty! 

Second: Drink water and stretch the night before!

This helps you with some of the posing! Trust me, it will help! 

Third: HAVE FUN!

Smile and have fun! Boudoir sessions are meant to be fun. This is a time to celebrate you! To celebrate your amazing body and all that it has and will do! It is natural to be nervous and excited for your session whether it is your first or tenth! Just remember you are amazing and perfect just the way you are! 


Here at Jara Hearts Studio Boudoir means something special. We help as many women as we possibly can to see their true beauty.  To show each and every one of you how strong, sexy, and just jaw dropping gorgeous you are! Sometimes you need someone else to show you what everyone else sees, we help with that! And as always if you ever have any questions regarding your session you are always welcome to email us. We are here for YOU! 


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Interview with a Bad Ass

This week, I had the great pleasure to photograph a close friend of mine. And boy let me tell you what a bad ass this woman is!

This woman is inspiring on a whole different level!  Not only has she been training non-stop, she's one hell of a mother! She has been training relentlessly and hoping to complete an Olympic distance triathlon this year, along with six other triathlons! WHOAH! Talk about big stuff in the works! Her ultimate goal is, "To complete a Half Ironman in a couple years." She inspired others by coming from weight and powerlifitng background with almost no cardio to competing in a sport thats ALL cardio and endurance. Emily believes if you set your mind to something, you can achieve it. Her one big piece of advice is to, "NEVER give up and consistency is key!" When asked about her training regime, this is what she had to say, "I currently train a lot outside (Gauche Aquatic Park) gap pool and running outside along with Biking the Buttes but I am a member of the Yuba Sutter Raqcuet Club and Ironborn Strength. I normally do about 60-70 minutes of either Swimming, biking or running a day. I strength train about twice a week also. Im also a member of the Yuba Sutter Tri-Club who has been a MAJOR support."

Keep your eye out for this woman this year and cheer her on, I know I will be! "LETS GO EMILY! LETS GO EMILY!!!"

And remember, with determination, support, and practice you can achieve anything! 


_20A1482 copy.jpg
_20A1502 copy.jpg

Heart of Us Workshop!

This year, I told myself I wanted to dedicate more time to learning and growing my business. With that being said, the moment I saw this workshop was going to happen I jumped on board and told myself I HAD to be there! The Heart of Us Workshop held by Kimmy Sweet from Kimberly Ann Boudoir and Brandie Bowen from Brandie Bowen Photography was a game changer for my business! Not only were these amazing and talented women showing me new ways to shoot, they also broke down the business aspect of it as well. I am truly happy and beyond blessed to have made it to that workshop! Moments I will never forget and friendships that will last!